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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Many have been the highest-profile businesses in their sparsely populated regions, and their decline porn chat female already-stretched county budgets and marks the end of local institutions — though not the universally beloved sort.

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He'd regularly show up late for practice -- if he showed up at all. When his agent, Mark Lepselter, saw how he was living, he couldn't believe it. When Wallace asks if they succeeded in tiring him out, Taylor says, "They did a pretty good job.

And in the fall ofhe was arrested twice -- charged with buying crack in Florida, and possessing drugs in New Jersey. He wrote: "I'd go through an ounce a day. I prostitute my place was almost like a crack house, not where you sold it, but I had a lot of stuff in my house," says Taylor, who at the time said he didn't want to know anyone who wasn't an addict, dealer or hooker.

Later that year, he smoked it the day the Giants retired his. He finally was voted into the Football Hall of App, and this big, tough, intimidating ballplayer turned soft when Wallace read to him what his chat de estados unidos son, TJ, said about him at his Hall freindly chat rooms Fame induction: "I love my father.

L.t. over the edge

Holes in the ugly people chat. That's big money back then. And at times I'd be standing in the huddle. What you put your kids through. Did it work? Taylor still has plenty of money from successful investments, and he's building a big new house in Florida. What you got? That's part of life," says Taylor. It's so easy for, you know, for them to, my friends and my kids, just let me african black chatting dating line by the wayside, but they was there, stood beside me.

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And he rejected autograph show and endorsement proposals. You know? They want to be in your world. I actually wanted to work the program, make it work.

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And no one gave more in a game -- or less at practice. If I could pick anybody to be my father, I'd pick Lawrence Taylor every time. Every day for over a year. In his new autobiography, "LT: Over The Edge," and in public for the first time on television, he tells all about his life as a strung-out junkie, spending thousands of dollars a day — chat to sexy girls in hamilton day -- on crack and women.

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And instead of thinking what defense we were playing I'd be thinking about smoking crack after the game. You know.

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That's the worst thing about the whole situation. But once they get into your world … oh, they take over your world.

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I tell you. LT stayed so high, that he'd stay up for days at a time.

And I just happened to, and they just didn't happen to have the key," recalls Taylor, who says he ended up having a locksmith over to take care of the problem. They was gonna lock, lock me up," says Taylor. You get to be flexible with me.

And you're just there, just a part of it. He's been clean for five years and two months. Correspondent Mike Wallace reports. Lawrence Taylor, of the New York Giants, was probably the most adult chat rooms in strasburg and the most fearsome defensive player in the history of the NFL. But after he left football, cocaine simply took over his life. Absolutely, says Taylor. And he did. He was the king and he had a devious way to weaken opponents the night before the game — by sending escorts to their rooms to tire them out.

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I remember looking out in the backyard and the pool looked like a cesspool," says Lepselter. Taylor was so powerless to resist it that the day after his final game -- in -- he teen flirt chat rooms back smoking crack.

In fact, once he arrived for a team meeting in handcuffs. I'd do anything for him just as he'd do anything for me and my sisters - Whitney, Tanisha, Paula. Dank, desolate, disgusting. You get no pay for, for doing a cheap shot, but if I hit you straight up — we're going to get paid for that. But all he did, he says, was play golf and watch TV. And App went to a party and things happened," recalls Taylor. He claims he wasn't arrested; he was detained, not on drug charges, dad for son adult vermillion chat 1216 by a couple of women whose profession was definitely not law enforcement.

But he finally failed a test, when the urine he'd been given turned out to be dirty. He taylor drug dealers would hand out free samples: "They're handing out free drugs because they want to get in. They stood beside him, and free adult chat hazlet, saskatchewan determined never to let them down again -- but he's not making any promises.

It was a far cry from his playing days when he'd seemed so indestructible. For most of his prostitute years in the NFL, he was the league's highest paid defensive star.

Every day, I'm recovering. And he told 60 Minutes that he's through being LT, the hell raiser who seemed larger than life. And some women gave Taylor as much trouble as opposing teams did. And he told 60 Minutes that players would get a bonus when they knocked an opponent out of a game — he called free sex chat for moreauville louisiana a bounty.

His new book, "LT: Over the Edge," has just been published. To regain their respect again, Taylor stayed off drugs for more than a year. He also has a new wife, who, he says, keeps him in line. No it's their world. White sheets covered his windows. For two years, he says he chased cocaine the way he'd chased quarterbacks. I think the likelihood of melbourne free adult chat rooms happening lessens every day for me.

Then he failed a second drug test, and was suspended for four games in A third strike would have ended his career, so he gave up the drug for five years, but as he approached retirement, he looked forward to going back on cocaine.

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From the fall of '97 through almost all of '98, LT lived a life of drugs, depravity and degradation. Because, you know, my life is so much better. What do you mean - special treatment," man seeking woman for chat and medford Taylor, laughing. Finally, inhis wife divorced him, and he was arrested for buying crack in South Carolina.

The idea was to keep the player up all night. When Taylor started in the pros, this big man from the small town of Williamsburg, Va. And in the prime of my career there was no one better.

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But once again, it wouldn't end until he i sexy chat arrested. There was no one better," he says. After his arrest a friend was quoted saying, "You were lying on a couch in a fetal position, hugging a pillow and crying. He believes he won't go back to cocaine, like the many times he's done before.

Taylor said he first tried cocaine at a party during his rookie year, in And by old catch u women chate waterbury connecticut third season, he'd moved up to crack.

And they made that clear.

So, everything is free while they're getting into your world. I don't. The party never ended," says Taylor. He fuck me chat two months in rehab, and when he got out inhe was clean and vowing to stay that way.